There is a lot more to a man than just the basics. It is much essential for men to define their unique persona with the right of accessories. Luckily, there are quite handful items – The ones that define you.


From Leather to steel, from big to small, from daily to occasional, from casual to professional, we got the enticing array just right here :

Cuff Links

A pair of cuff link is a must. They add power to your outfit and adds influence to your persona. For the very purpose, Vaish assists you thoroughly in choosing the best from its Premium cuff link range – Bullet black; Whale black; Fixed backing; Knotted, stud.


Definitely a gentleman’s attire! We got the finest Italian Silk Neckties with a wide range of colors, patterns and prints to match up your personality. Add a sense of individualism into your everyday as well as occasional wearing. Ascot, Bolo, Bow, Clip-on, Cravat – Pick one!

Pocket Squares

They never go out of style, not on our account. They complete the look in the most subtle way possible, more so desired by men. Vaish has got ample of designs. Visit the store to buy one, and we will even help you to sort the “fold”!. This is a must have with your Bespoke Suit.


The handy must-have item is a sign of sorted personality. Not only it helps with all the sweating, but looks chivalrous when you lend it to the female counterpart in times of need. Cotton or Silk, we got a fantastic bunch for you to pocket in. Get plenty to go with each attire.

Leather Goods

Only the best does real justice to your bespoke wear. We say, a well-chosen leather item like a belt, brings the polished flair to whatever you wear – be it a simple pair of pants or a 3 piece. Get that quintessence with in-store exclusive range. Adorning fine premium leather.


They are indeed a need to enhance your first impression… or rather retain your last. Don’t think otherwise! They are always visible and a clear mark of your personal choices. With the subtle collection of Vaish’s pure cotton socks, complete your look before stepping out.

Complete Look Consultancy

Accessory is an Expression! And, we believe that an “Absolute Expression” only reflects when Expertise meets Expectation. That’s why we help you choose the right accessory, keeping in mind your personality and purpose of wearing it. A unique “select” does come through when your suggested style and our expertise bind together, and the perfect look is created. Carry that dapper persona with Vaish Accessories.