Shirt is the first attire that catches an eye and so becomes crucial to reflect who you are when it counts! Thought on exterior, it looks like a simple task to procreate a shirt, but in reality it takes meticulous technology, craft and expertise to make a premium shirt.


While the details are best kept with the sartorial geniuses, we believe in sharing a little about Vaish Premium Shirts ingenuity.



Being an undeniably important part of a shirt’s charm, we carefully employ technology in the stitching process. From regular to ultrarich 23 stitches per inch and 3 mm seam perfected by skilled hands, it reflects an appeal of an incorporated design.



Fabric and construct of the shirt are aspects that breathe life into a shirt. The world-class fabric and impeccable fitting, which goes through multiple stages of creation, create a remarkable final piece. That’s what makes them desirable, and definitely top-class.



While choosing from the best styles available world-wide, we never forget that style is always personal and subjective. With craftsmanship evolving from seven decades, for various distinct individuals, we focus on incorporating design that suits your personality.



Cuff, collar and hem are arguably the core elements of the shirt – it makes or breaks your impression when it counts, invoking doubtfulness. We cater all sorts of design to suit your demand. Collars – Spread, Button Down, Classic, Club, Evening; Cuff – French, Barrel; Hem – Classic, Straight, Hybrid.



What makes a shirt worth the first glance is the incredible fabric, which its woven being into. Bringing in world’s finest fabrics – cotton, silk, linen, every handmade shirt speaks bundles about you. We just make sure that it speaks the right tone!


Ultra Luxury Shirts


Shirts are the second skin that always catch the 1st glance. With advanced machine and latest technology, we create that second skin to be ultra-rich. The shirts of this category are constructed with 23 stitches per inch and 3mm seam attribute, which not only makes the stiches almost visible but the shirt also durable.

Hand Made Shirts


Shirts arean artof expression. And, handmade shirts at Vaish express it amazingly having an artistic feel to them. Though they need to be handled with care as they are hand-stitched, they exuberate a certain comfort, elasticity and a softness. The long work of our dedicated craftsmen who take time to make saritorial perfection just for you.