How to Care for your VAISH SUIT

A well looked after suit will last you a long time. Here are some basic tips to get the best out of your suit.

  • Always hang your suit properly on a hanger like the one provided by us. Keep it covered in a breathable garment bag for protection from dust and moth bite.
  • After using your suit for a day, allow your suit to rest. Wearing the same suit for two days in succession causes stress on the fibres/ yarns. This is only an indication. On a business trip, it is sometimes the need to wear the same suit twice, which is also fine as long as the cloth is suited for such wear.
  • Brush your suit occasionally to remove dirt and lint from the fabric. Make sure you do not brush it too hard which could damage the fibres. A natural hair bristle brush could be procured for the same. Cashmere, Vicuna and very delicate wools should not be brushed and should be cleaned with lint remover (glue type) rollers.
  • Spills and stains should be cleaned as soon as possible. Blotting paper or tissue paper should be used for this. Stains and spills should not be rubbed.
  • Wool has a naturally resilient property and recovers well in a humid environment. Since your suit/ jacket is most likely made out of wool or a blend of wool and another natural fibre, if you hang your suit/ jacket somewhere damp and warm, such as a bathroom, it should recover at least partially from creases. Take care that the suit does not get wet in the bathroom.
  • Avoid placing many items in your pockets as this will put strain on the seams. Carry a light wallet or better still, a money clip.
  • Always unbutton your suit jacket before you sit down to avoid stress on the garment.
  • Use only the best professional drycleaners for cleaning your suit. While excessive drycleaning reduces the life of your suit, it is important to have your suit drycleaned in case you are storing it away for a season to prevent moth attacks on invisible food/ drink stains.
  • Hand stitched seams provide a lot more elasticity and comfort as compared to the firm machine stitching done in ready to wear, branded suits/ trousers. However, hand stitched seams tend to be prone to breakage over a period of time. Do bring in your garments made by us for repair in case the need arises anytime.