What is Bespoke clothing ?

Bespoke clothing is clothing made especially for you, taking into account your unique style aspirations, measurements and personalizations. What we call “ TRUE BESPOKE ” clothing also means that the clothing is made in the traditional hand constructed method, which ensures the highest level of contouring by manually shaping fabric, which is not possible with machines. We are fanatical about our use of luxurious natural trims.

How is bespoke clothing different from made to measure clothing ?

Bespoke clothing involves the highest level of customization in your fit. The garment is built from the basic pattern to the entire construction being made taking into account your unique anatomy. Believe us when we say that the combination of posture and measurements is unique for every person and bespoke clothing takes that into account. Made to Measure clothing can never fit as well as bespoke clothing because it is only a half measure of bespoke. Made to measure clothing does not undergo multiple fittings and is completed in one go with a reduced level of customization of fit.

Do I need to make an appointment ?

Although it is not necessary but it is advisable to make an appointment for us to be better prepared to serve you.

How long does a bespoke consultation take ?

It can take anywhere between 30mins to an hour depending on the time taken to choose a fabric & suit style.

What is the process involved when I place my order ?

The process involves a selection of cloth and design followed by a measurement and style selection in the first visit. The second visit involves a full drape fitting on a raw “baste up”. The rest of the process is variable and depends upon the size of the order and the complexity of the fitting.

How long does it take to have my bespoke suit made ?

The bespoke suit usually takes 2-4 fittings over at least a few weeks. However, we are accustomed to working with overseas visitors on short stays in Delhi. If you send us your schedule of stay, we can suggest you a schedule of fittings during your stay. After you leave we can complete all the artisanal work on your clothes at ease and ship globally a few weeks later.

Will I need to make a deposit at the time of ordering ?

We usually take a 100% of your order value as an advance at the time of placing the order. We will of course do everything to give a product which is deserving of our brand.

Can I bring my own fabric for tailoring ?

We only tailor garments with fabric we provide. However, in rare cases governed by availability of capacity, we may be able to tailor cloth brought in from elsewhere.

What fabrics do you keep ?

We are experienced tailors and will recommend suitable cloth after judging your requirement. We carry a large selection of international cloth from the best mills in the world including Zegna, Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Scabal, Ariston, and many others. For more information on fabrics and a full list of brands, we keep please CLICK HERE

Should I bring a picture of the suit style I like or carry a suit that fits me well ?

We have a highly experienced team to guide and advise you on choosing the right style and the perfect fit. However it doesn’t hurt to carry a suit you like or a reference image to help us understand your style and preference in fit.

Do you do alterations and repairs ?

We do alterations & repairs on clothes made by us. Alterations can be chargeable, so please get an estimate at the time of handing the clothes over. Alterations are best done in off-season, which is usually April to August, since at other times of the year lead times can be very high.

What are your store timings ? Are you open on Sundays ?

The store timings are 11.15am-8pm, Monday to Saturday. We are closed on Sundays.

I am not visiting India for some time, can I send my measurements and place an order ?

True Bespoke tailoring is best done with fittings at our store. However, we have done made to measure clothes with measurements sent to us.

Can I take my own measurements ?

You can take simplified measurements based on our measurement chart along with your photos for posture.

How often should I clean my garments ?

For information on garment care, CLICK HERE.

What are my payment options ?

Payment can be made by cash or credit card.

Can you ship my order ?

We ship globally and use various appropriate couriers like DHL, FedEx, UPS, UBX etc.

What type of garments do you make ?

We specialize in Menswear and are well known for our tailoring of bespoke suits, shirts, trousers, tuxedos, overcoats, bandgala suits, tailcoats and Nehru jackets. Our product range includes both Western and Indian wear.

Is Vaish and D.Vaish the same store ?

Vaish and D.Vaish are completely different brands even though we’re located in the same building. We are located adjacent to PVR Rivoli cinema and Gangoly Bros., which is a store selling wrist watches. D Vaish is located next to Regal cinema. We have no affiliation with D Vaish.