Indian Wear

We could also provide tailoring services of Indian clothing like Kurta Pyjamas and Sherwanis, which are fit to perfection.


Western Wear

We provide custom tailoring services for men like men’s suits, men’s shirts, etc. We also offer tailoring services for formal dress and business wear for men and women. The collection includes SUITS, SPORT JACKETS, TROUSERS, BESPOKE SHIRTS, TUXEDOS (dinner jackets) and OVERCOATS.



We also carry a range of accessories like fine Italian Silk Neckties, Leather Belts, comfort fit Socks in cotton and Cuff Links.

Since our suits are bespoke tailored, we can offer options like 1, 2, 3 or 4 buttoned; single or double breasted; various pocket options; various pleat options in trousers and incorporate other details based on each order. We work on our cut and design details to make our clothing contemporary yet classical. Being in business for 75 years we have a deep understanding of the cyclical nature of fashion and know where to draw our design inspiration from, while keeping in mind the customer’s physique and personality.